Tomato Soup $3.99

Thickened Puree Of Tomato With Croutons And Fresh Cream.

Rasam $3.99

A Spicy, Tasty, Thin And Light Soup Prepared In South Indian Style.


Mutton Bone Soup $5.99

Extract Of Coastal Spices With Goat Chest Bone.

Chicken Bone Soup $5.49

Extract Of Coastal Spices With Chicken.



Gobi Manchurian $9.99

Deep-fried Florets Of Cauliflower In Spiced Manchurian Sauce.

Baby Corn Manchurian $9.99

Stir-fried crisp-tender baby corn in spiced Manchurian sauce.

Paneer 555 $10.49

Paneer Cooked In Special Sauce With Cashew Nuts.

Chilli Paneer $10.49

Wok-tossed Cubes Of Deep-fried Paneer, Coated With Chilli, Onion & Bell Peppers.

Karivepaku Corn $10.49

Marinated Corn Is Fried With Special South Indian Spices.

Chilli Idli $9.99

A House Special Dish With Fried Idli Covered In Special Sauce And Sauteed With Bell Peppers, Onions & Chillies.

Avakai Idli$9.99

A Special Dish Made Of Fried Idli Covered In Aavakai Sauce And Sauteed With Some Herbs & Spices.

Punjabi Veg Samosa (2 Pieces)$3.99

A Crispy, Delicious Flour Shell, Deep-fried And Filled With Flavourful Stuffing.



Chicken 65(Dry) $10.99

Tender Fried Chicken Tossed In Spiced Yoghurt Sauce With Curry Leaves.

Chicken 65 (Wet) $11.99

Tender Fried Chicken Tossed In Spiced Yoghurt Sauce With Curry Leaves

Chilli Chicken $10.99

Wok-tossed Cubes Of Deep-fried Chicken, Coated With Tangy Chilli Sauce.

Chicken 555 $10.99

Deep-fried Chicken Cooked In Special Sauce With Cashews.

Karampodi Kodi (Chicken) $12.99

Boneless Chicken Deep-fried, Sauteed To Make It Juicy With South Indian Spices & Herbs Which Makes It As A Perfect Starter.


Mutton Roast (Boneless) $14.99

Boneless Goat Fried And Tossed With Green Chillies, Curry Leaves & Spices.


Apollo Fish $13.99

Crispy-fried Fish Tossed In A Yoghurt Sauce With Green Chillies And Curry Leaves.

Chilli Fish $13.99

Wok-tossed Deep-fried Fish, Coated With Tangy Chilli Sauce.

Tandoori Platters

Paneer Tikka Kabab$11.99

Cottage Cheese Cubes & Onions Marinated In A Spicy Sauce.

Chicken Tikka Kabab $12.99

Chicken Breast Marinated With Spices & Yoghurt, Grilled In Our Clay Oven.

Tandoori Chicken (Half/Full) $9.99 / $17.99

Grilled Bone-in Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt, Garlic, Ginger & Fresh Ground Spices.



Dal Tadka $9.99

A Rich Blend Of Split Red And Yellow Gram Garnished With Coriander Leaves And Butter.

Bhagara Bhaigan$10.99

Eggplant Cooked With Sesame Seeds, Peanut And Yoghurt Blended Gravy.

Paneer Tikka Masala $11.49

Homemade Cheese Cubes Cooked With Bell Peppers, Onions In Tomato Sauce With A Touch Of Cream.

Shahi Paneer $11.99

Pieces Of Paneer Cooked In A Delicious Creamy Gravy With Cashew Paste.

Malai Kofta $11.99

Fried Vegetable Balls Simmered In Mild Creamy Shahi Gravy.

Tomato Kaju Curry $10.99

Roasted Cashews Slowly Cooked In A Spicy, Creamy And Silky Onion Tomato Based Gravy.

Dal Makhni$10.49

Lentil Curry Made With Whole Black Lentils And Red Kidney Beans. This Dish Is Slow-cooked With Tomato Puree, Butter, Spices And Cream.


Chicken Entrees

Butter Chicken $11.99

Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt And Spices, Cooked In A Tomato Puree And Cream.

Chicken Tikka Masala $12.49

Chicken Tikka Cooked In Rich Fenugreek Flavoured Tomato Gravy With Bell Peppers & Onions.

Karaikudi Chicken$11.99

Aromatic Chicken Seasoned With Our Special Spices With Onions & Tomatoes.

Hyderabad Chicken Curry$11.99

Nizam Special Dish, Bone-in Chicken Finished With Homemade Curry Sauce.

Amaravati Chicken Curry $12.99

Tender Chicken Cooked With Spicy Indian Spices Made With A Spicy Sauce & A Hint Of Coconut.

Gongura Chicken $12.99

Andhra Delicacy. Chicken Cooked With Gongura (Red Sorrel) Leaves & Spices.

Mutton (Goat) Entrees

Charminar special kheema $14.99

Delicately Spiced Tangy Minced Lamb Cooked To Perfection.

Goat Khorma $13.99

Mughlai Delight. Goat Cooked & Simmered In A Creamy Sauce With Traditional Spices & Flavour Of Cardamoms.

Karaikudi Goat Curry $13.99

Traditional Goat Cooked With Gongura (Red Sorrel) Leaves & Special Spices.

Gongura Goat Curry (Chef Spl) $13.99

Pieces Of Goat In A Delicious Creamy Gravy With Egg And Coriander.

Lamb Entrees

Lamb Rogan Josh (Boneless Lamb) $12.99

Pieces Of Lamb Or Mutton Braised With A Yoghurt Gravy Flavoured With Garlic, Ginger And Aromatic Spices.

Lamb Khorma (Boneless Lamb) $12.99

Lamb Korma, Afghan Style, Lamb Leg Or Shoulder Slowly Cooked In A Stew With Onions, Tomato, Spices And Yoghurt.



Veg Biryani

Charminar Veg Dum Biryani $10.99/ $24.99

Avakai Veg Biryani $10.99 / $25.99

Ulavacharu Veg Dum Biryani $11.99/ $27.99

Temper Veg Dum Biryani$10.99 / $25.99

Paneer Biryani $11.49 / $25.99

Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani $11.49/$25.99

Ulavacharu Egg Dum Biryani $11.99 /$26.99


Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani $10.99/ $27.99

Avakai Chicken Dum Biryani$12.99/$31.99

Ulavacharu Chicken Dum Biryani $13.99 /$32.99

Temper Chicken Dum Biryani $12.99/$31.99

Boneless Chicken Biryani$12.99/ $31.99

Vijayawada Special Boneless Chicken Biryani $12.99 /$31.99

Chicken 65 biryani $13.49 /$32.99

Goat Biryani

Hyderabadi Goat Dum Biryani $13.99/ $32.99

Avakai Goat Dum Biryani $14.99 / $35.99

Temper Mutton Dum Biryani $14.99 / $35.99

Kheema Biryani $14.99 / $35.99


Mango Lassi $3.99

Sweet Lassi $2.99

Salted Lassi$2.99

Thumps Up/ Limca $2.99


Coffee $3.49

Tea $3.49

Bottled Water $1.99

Side Orders

Rice $2.49

Masala Rice $3.99

Plain Naan$1.99

Butter Naan $2.49

Tandoori Roti$2.49

Garlic Naan $2.99

Chilli Naan $2.99



Gulab Jamun (2) $3.99

Traditional Deep-fried Milk Pastry Served In A Rosewater Honey Syrup.

Rasmalai (1) $4.99

Homemade Cheese Patties Served In Cold Sweetened Milk.


Raitha $1.99

Saalan $ 1.50