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Sambar Soup $4.49

Thick vegetable stock made with lentil & vegetables.

Tomato Soup $5.49

Thickened Puree Of Tomato With Croutons And Fresh Cream.

Hot & Sour Soup $6.49

Spicy & tangy soup with vegetable/Spicy & tangy soup with Sesame & chilli Flavour.

Sweet Corn Soup $6.49

Indo Chinese style soup made with mixed veggies, sweet corn kernels & pepper.

Rasam $5.49

A Spicy, tasty thin and light soup prepared in south indian style.


Chicken Bone Soup $6.99

Extract Of Coastal Spices With Chicken.

Hot & Sour Soup (Chicken) $6.49

Spicy & tangy soup with vegetable/Spicy & tangy soup with Sesame & chilli Flavour topped with chicken.

Sweet Corn Soup (Chicken) $6.49

Indo Chinese style soup made with mixed veggies, sweet corn kernels & pepper.

Mutton Bone Soup $7.49

Extract Of Coastal Spices With Goat Chest Bone.



Punjabi Veg Samosa (3 Pieces) $4.99

A Crispy, Delicious Flour Shell, Deep-fried And Filled With Flavourful Stuffing.

Gobi Manchurian $12.49

Deep-fried Florets Of Cauliflower In Spiced Manchurian Sauce.

Baby Corn Manchurian $12.49

Stir-fried Crisp-tender Baby Corn In Spiced Manchurian Sauce.

Paneer 555 $12.99

Paneer Cooked In Special Sauce With Cashew Nuts.

Guntur Paneer $12.99

Paneer Cubes Marinated With Spicy Sauce & Sauteed To Mess With Your Taste Buds.

Chilli Paneer $12.99

Wok-tossed Cubes Of Deep-Fried Paneer, Coated With Chilli, Onion & Bell Peppers.

Karampodi Corn $12.99

Baby Corn Deep Fried, Sauteed To Make It Juicy With Karampodi And Some Herbs & Spices Which Makes It As a Perfect Starter.

Karivepaku Corn $12.99

Marinated Corn Is Fried With Special South Indian Spices.

Chilli Idli $11.99

A House Special Dish With Fried Idli Covered In Special Sauce And Sauteed With Bell Peppers, Onions & Chillies.

Avakai Idli $12.49

A Special Dish Made Of Fried Idli Covered In Aavakai Sauce And Sauteed With Some Herbs & Spices.

Paneer Majestic $11.99

Paneer strips lightly coated with smooth & Silky Yellow Butter Deep-Fried untill golden & then tossed in aromatic spice tadak finally coated with rich Creamy Majestic yellow color sauce.

Paneer 65 $13.49

Tender fried paneer tossed in spiced yogurt sauce with curry levels.

Cut Mirchi $7.49

Common Hyderabad snack which is served as a Starter. stuffed batter Covered green pepper are deep fried & then cut into Pieces.



Chicken Lolipops (Dry-4) $13.99

Chicken drumstricks marinated in spices,coated in zesty batter,deep fried and served with hot garlic sauce.

Masala Chicken Lollipops (4) $14.49

Chicken drumstricks marinated & tossed in masala base sauce.

Chicken 65(Dry) $12.49

Tender Fried Chicken Tossed In Spiced Yoghurt Sauce With Curry Leaves.

Chicken 65 (Wet) $13.49

Tender Fried Chicken Tossed In Spiced Yoghurt Sauce With Curry Leaves

Chilli Chicken $13.49

Wok tossed Cubes Of Deep-fried Chicken, Coated With Tangy Chilli Sauce.

Chicken 555 $13.49

Deep-fried Chicken Cooked In Special Sauce With Cashews.

Guntur Chicken $14.49

Boneless chicken marinated with spicy sauce & Sauteed to mess with your taste buds.

Karampodi Kodi (Chicken) $14.99

Boneless Chicken Deep-fried, Sauteed To Make It Juicy With South Indian Spices & Herbs Which Makes It As A Perfect Starter.

Karivepaku Chicken $14.99

Marinated Chicken is fried with chilli powder, South Indian spices, herbs and curry leaf.

Cashewnut Chicken $13.99

chicken marinated in Spices and deep fried with Cashewnuts.

Dragon Chicken (New Item) $12.99

Thin strip chicken fried & coated in a spicy sauce with lots of Cashews.

Miriyala Chicken (Lemon Pepper) $12.99

South indian take on indo Chinese lemon pepper chicken.


Mutton Roast (Boneless) $16.49

Boneless Goat Fried And Tossed With Green Chillies, Curry Leaves & Spices.


Apollo Fish $15.49

Crispy-fried Fish Tossed In A Yoghurt Sauce With Green Chillies And Curry Leaves.

Chilli Fish $16.49

Wok-tossed Deep-fried Fish, Coated With Tangy Chilli Sauce.

Guntur Shrimp $16.49

Boiled shrimp sautéed with spicy chilli sauce, herbs and spices which makes it a perfect succulent starter.

Chilli Shrimp $16.49

Wok tossed deep fried tiger prawns, coated with bell peppers, onions & green chillies.

Fish Pakora $14.49

Chunky white fish marinated in line , ginger and garlic coated in a spiced gram flour batter then fried until golden.

Tandoori Platters


Paneer Tikka Kabab $13.49

Cottage Cheese cubes & onions marinated in a spicy sauce.

Tandoori Gobi $11.99

Cauliflower florets marinated in yogurt,garlic,ginger & Fresh ground Spices.


Chicken Tikka Kabab $14.49

Chicken breast marinated with spices & yogurt and grilled in our clay oven.

Malai Tikka Kabab $14.49

Boneless chicken breast, marinated in our chefs secret creamy garlic sauce.

Hyderabad Tangdi kabab (6Peices) $13.99

Chicken drumstricks marinated with chef secret spices & yogurt and grilled in our clay oven.

Haryali chicken tikka $12.99

Juicy chicken breasts marinated in the blended mixture of must leaves coriander leaves and other spices .

Chicken Seekh Kebab $11.99

Succulent kebabs made from tender meatn, masala and seasoning ,put on a skewer and grilled golden.

Achari Chiken Tikka $12.99

Juicy Chiken breasts marinated in the blended mixture of chef special Achari sauce and other speces.

Tandoori Chiken (Half/Full) $11.49 / 19.49

Grilled bpne-in Chiken marinated in yogurt ,garlic, ginger & fresh ground spices.

Tandoori Prawns $19.99

Tiger Prawns marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger & fresh ground spices .

Fish Tikka $14.99

Fish fillets marinated with spices & yogurt and grilled in our clay oven.

Mutton Chops (20 minutes) $16.49

Bone-in goat Chops marinated in our spices and grilled in the clay oven. .

Charminar Tandoori Mix Grill $19.49

Combination of tandoor chicken, Malai kabab,chicken tikka kabab & mutton chops.

Haryali Paneer Tikka $11.99

Paneer marinated in the blended mixture of mint levels, coriander levels and other spices.

Charminar Mix Veg Tandoori Mix Platter $16.99

Combination of Paneer tikka ,haryali paneer Tandoori gobi, bell peppers & onions.

Lunch Specials - Dine In Menu

(Monday - Friday) 12:00 Till 15:30

Veg Biryani Combo's

Veg Biryani Combo $10.99

Non-Veg Biryani Combo's

Egg Biryani Combo $11.99

Chicken Biryani Combo $11.99

Boneless Chiken Biryani Combo $12.99

Goat Biryani Combo $13.99

South Indian Specials

Dosa Idly Combo $11.99

Veg Thali $11.99

Non veg Thali $12.99

Curry Specials

Panner Tikka Masala $14.49

Chicken Tikka Masala $14.49

Butter Chicken Combo $13.99



Dal Tadka $11.99

A Rich Blend Of Split Red And Yellow Gram Garnished With Coriander Leaves And Butter.

Channa Masala $12.99

Chickpeas cooked with Tomatoes.

Vegetable Khorma $13.99

Mixed vegetables cooked in delicious cream Gravy.

Bhagara Bhaigan $12.99

Eggplant Cooked With Sesame Seeds, Peanut And Yoghurt Blended Gravy.

Paneer Butter Masala $13.99

Cottage cheese cooked in a rich butter cream sauce.

Saag Paneer $13.99

Cottage cheese cooked in spinach.

Paneer Tikka Masala $14.49

Homemade cheese cubes cooked with bell Peppers,onions in tomato sauce with a touch of cream.

Shahi Paneer $13.99

Pieces Of Paneer Cooked In A Delicious Creamy Gravy With Cashew Paste.

Malai Kofta $14.49

Fried Vegetable Balls Simmered In Mild Creamy Shahi Gravy.

Amaravathi Vegetable Curry $12.99

Vegetables cooked with spicy chilli paste and spices.

Bhindi-Do-Pyaaza $12.49

Made with okra , onions, tomatoes tossed with indian spices.

Tomato Kaju Curry $13.49

Roasted Cashews Slowly Cooked In A Spicy, Creamy And Silky Onion Tomato Based Gravy.

Dal Makhni $13.49

Lentil Curry Made With Whole Black Lentils And Red Kidney Beans. This Dish Is Slow-cooked With Tomato Puree, Butter, Spices And Cream.

Kadai Paneer $13.99

Paneer cooked with onions,peppers & amp , spices.

Aloo Gobi Masala $12.99

Pototoes and Cauliflower are cooked with onions , tomatoes spices.

Methi Chaman $13.99

Dish cooked with grated Paneer, Fenugreek & spinach.


EGG Entrees

EGG Masala $12.49

Curried boiled eggs simmered in spiced aromatic gravy.

Charminar Special Egg Curry $12.99

Boiled egg cooked with chef special sauce with a mix of herbs and spices

Chicken Entrees

Butter Chicken $14.49

Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt And Spices, Cooked In A Tomato Puree And Cream.

Chicken Tikka Masala $14.49

Chicken Tikka Cooked In Rich Fenugreek Flavoured Tomato Gravy With Bell Peppers & Onions.

Chicken Tikka Saag $13.49

Boneless grilled Chicken cooked with fresh spinach leaves paste,herbs,spices and rich butter sauce.

Chicken Shaahi Khorma $14.49

A true Mughlai Delight, lightly sweet and spicy with flavour of Cardamoms.

Charminar Special Chicken Curry (Laal Chicken) $15.49

Bone in chicken cooked with chef special sauce.

Chicken Mughalai $14.49

Pieces of chicken in delicacies creamy gravy with egg and coriander.

Kadai Chicken $14.49

A northwest fronter specialty chicken cooked with onions, peppers, spices.

Karaikudi Chicken $14.49

Aromatic Chicken Seasoned With Our Special Spices With Onions & Tomatoes.

Hyderabad Chicken Curry $14.49

Nizam Special Dish, Bone-in Chicken Finished With Homemade Curry Sauce.

Amaravati Chicken Curry $12.99

Tender Chicken Cooked With Spicy Indian Spices Made With A Spicy Sauce & A Hint Of Coconut.

Gongura Chicken $14.99

Andhra Delicacy. Chicken Cooked With Gongura (Red Sorrel) Leaves & Spices.

Mutton (Goat) Entrees

Charminar special kheema $14.99

Delicately Spiced Tangy Minced Lamb Cooked To Perfection.

Goat Khorma $14.99

Mughlai Delight. Goat Cooked & Simmered In A Creamy Sauce With Traditional Spices & Flavour Of Cardamoms.

Karaikudi Goat Curry $14 .99

Traditional Goat Cooked With Gongura (Red Sorrel) Leaves & Special Spices.

Gongura Goat Curry $14.49

Pieces Of Goat In A Delicious Creamy Gravy With Egg And Coriander.

Lamb Entrees

Lamb Rogan Josh (Boneless Lamb) $15.49

Pieces Of Lamb Or Mutton Braised With A Yoghurt Gravy Flavoured With Garlic, Ginger And Aromatic Spices.

Lamb Khorma (Boneless Lamb) $15.49

Lamb Korma, Afghan Style, Lamb Leg Or Shoulder Slowly Cooked In A Stew With Onions, Tomato, Spices And Yoghurt.

Kadai Lamb (Boneless Lamb) $15.49

A northwest fronter specialty chicken cooked with onions, peppers, spices.

Lamb Vindaloo (Boneless Lamb) $15.49

Lamb cooked in vindaloo sauce.

Seafood Entrees

Amaravati Royyala Kura $14.99

Tender Shrimp cooked with spicy Indian spices made with a Charminar secret spicy sauce and a hint of coconut for a divine taste.

Kadai prawn $14.99

Prawns cooked with onions, peppers & amp, spices.

Malai Prawn $14.99

Prawns simmered in mild creamy shahi gravy.

Butter prawn masala $13.99

Prawns simmered in mild creamy tomato gravy.



Veg Biryani

Charminar Veg Dum Biryani $11.99/ $28.49

Avakai Veg Biryani $13.49 / $28.49

Ulavacharu Veg Dum Biryani $13.99/ $29.49

Temper Veg Dum Biryani $13.49/ $28.49

Gongura Veg Dum Biryani $13.99 / $27.99

Paneer Biryani $13.99 / $28.49

Paneer Vegetable Biryani $13.99 / $29.49

Paneer Tikka Biryani $13.99 / $30.49

Pachimirchi Paneer biryani $13.99 / $27.99

Bucket Charminar Veg Dum Biryani $25.49

Bucket Ulavacharu Veg Dum Biryani $27.49

Bucket Paneer Biryani $26.49

Bucket Paneer Vegetable Biryani $28.49

Bucket Pachimirchi Paneer biryani $28.49


Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani $11.49 / $25.99 / $23.99

Ulavacharu Egg Dum Biryani $12.99 / $26.99 / 24.99

Chicken Biryani

Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani $11.99 / $30.49

Avakai Chicken Dum Biryani $14.99 / $34.49

Ulavacharu Chicken Dum Biryani $15.99 / $34.99

Temper Chicken Dum Biryani $14.99 / $34.49

Gongura Chicken Dum Biryani $13.99 / $32.99

Chicken Tikka Biryani $15.49 / $34.49

Boneless Chicken Biryani $14.99 / $34.49

Vijayawada Special Boneless Chicken Biryani $14.99 / $34.49

Chicken 65 Biryani $15.49 / $35.49

Pachi mirchi kodi biryani $14.99 / $31.99

Bucket Chiken Biryani$26.49

Bucket Pachi Mirchi Kodi Biryani$31.49

Bucket Chicken 65 Biryani$32.49

Bucket Vijayawada Boneless Chicken Biryani$31.49

Bucket Chicken Tikka Biryani$31.49

Bucket Boneless Chicken Biryani$29.99

Bucket Ulavacharu Chicken Dum Biryani$30.99

Goat Biryani

Hyderabadi Goat Dum Biryani $14.99/ $35.49 / $29.99

Avakai Goat Dum Biryani $15.49 / $37.99

Ulavacharu Goat Dum Biryani - Seasonal $15.99 / $38.49

Temper Mutton Dum Biryani $15.49 / $38.49

Gongura Mutton Dum Biryani $15.99 / $36.99

Boneless Mutton Biryani $15.49 / $38.49 / $32.99

Kheema Biryani $15.99 / $38.49 / $33.99

Bucket Hyderabadi Goat Dum Biryani $29.99

Bucket Boneless Mutton Biryani $32.99

Bucket Kheema Biryani $33.99

SeaFood Biryani

Fish Biryani $16.49 / $38.49

Premium Biryani(Only Dine - IN)

Royal Charminar Veg Dum Biryani $21.49

Double portion veg dum biryani topped with paneer 65.

Royal Charminar Chicken Dum Biryani $27.49

double portion chicken dum biryani topped with chicken 65.

MLA potlam biryani $17.99

Dum biryani made with mutton kheema and prawns wrapped with omlette.


Indian Masala Tea $1.99

Filter Coffee $2.99

Indian Soft Drinks- Limca , Thumbs Up $2.99

Soft Drinks $1.99

Dasani Water Bottle $1.99

Perrier Sparkling Water $3.99

Butter Milk $1.99

Sweet Lassi $2.99

Salt Lassi $2.99

Mango Lassi $3.99

Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet / Salt) $3.99

Fresh Juice (Watermelon / Oronge) $4.99

Chaikoo Milk Shake (Seasonal) $5.99

Banana Horlics $5.99

Chocolate Milk $4.99

South Indian Specials


Idli(2) $5.99

Steamed rice cake served with sides of sambar & chutneys.

Sambar Idli(2) $6.49

Steamed rice cakes served in a bowl of sambar

Babai Idli (2) $5.99

Steamed rice & lentil patties served with chilli powder & ghee.

Onion Dosa $8.99

Savoury crepe stuffed with onions & chilies.

Ghee Dosa $9.99

Savoury crepe topped with desi ghee

Masala Dosa $8.99

Savoury crepe filled with mildly spiced mashed potatoes.

Mysore Masala Dosa $10.49

Spicy chutney spread on thin rice & lentil crepe with potatoes.

Guntur Karam Dosa $10.49

Savoury crepe topped with Chilli paste..

Podi Dosa $9.99

Savoury crepe topped with podi made from lentils.

Paneer Dosa $10.99

Medium crepe stuffed with Shredded Paneer.


Plain Uthappam $7.99

Thick pancake made with lentil & rice flours.

Chilli Onion Uthappam $8.49

Thick pancake made with lentil & rice flours with green chillies and onions

Onion Uthappam $8.49

Thick pancake made with lentil & rice flours with onions.

Mix-Veg Uthappam $8.49

Thick pancake made with lentil & rice flours with mix veg.


EGG-Dosa $10.99

Savoury crepe topped with egg.

Chicken 65 Dosa $11.99

Spicy crepe stuffed with chicken.

Goat Kheema Dosa $14.99

Spicy crepe stuffed with ground goat Kheema masala.


Hakka Noodles-Veg $9.99

Noodles stir fried with veggies & spices.

Hakka Noodles- Chicken $10.99

Noodles stir fried with chicken & spices.

Fried Rice Veg $9.99

Flavored basmati rice cooked with Egg.

Fried Rice Chicken $10.99

Flavored basmati rice cooked with Chicken.

Schezwan Fried Rice Veg $10.49

Aromatic rice stir fried with fine chopped cabbage, carrots, bell peppers & veg Schezwan Fried Rice.

Schezwan Fried Rice Egg $11.49

Aromatic rice stir fried with fine chopped cabbage, carrots, bell peppers.

Schezwan Fried Rice Chicken $11.99

Flavored basmati rice cooked with Veg.

Side Orders

Rice $2.00

Plain Naan $2.49

Butter Naan $2.99

Tandoori Roti $2.99

Garlic Naan $3.49

Chilli Naan $3.49

Onion Kulcha $2.99

Puri $1.99

Batura $2.49

Bread Basket (Tandoori Roti-1,Garlic Naan-1,Chilli Naan-1,Onion Kulcha-1) $9.99



Gulab Jamun (2) $3.99

Traditional Deep-fried Milk Pastry Served In A Rosewater Honey Syrup.

Rasmalai (1) $4.99

Homemade Cheese Patties Served In Cold Sweetened Milk.

Kids Menu
(Dine in only must be accompinied with a kid)

Mini Chocolate Dosa $4.99

Mini Paneer Dosa $4.99

Mini Dosa $4.99

Mini Puri $4.99

Mini Noodles - Veg / Egg/ Chicken $5.99

Mini Fried Rice - Veg / Egg/ Chicken $5.99


Kachumbar Salad $5.99

Onion Salad $2.99

Achar $1.49

Raitha $1.99

Hyderabadi Salan $ 1.50

Sambar $2.00

Chaat Corner

Pav Bhaji $6.99

Somosa Chaat $6.99

Weekend Special

Royyala vepudu Pulav $14.99

Fry piece chicken Pulav $13.99

Fry Piece Mutton Pulav $14.99

Gutti Vankai Pulav/Biryani $14.99